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Useful City of Peoria Telephone numbers:

Community Center 623-773-7436
Planning and Community Development 623-773-7200
Dead Animal Pickup 623-773-7160
Dial-a-Ride 623-773-7435
Fire Department (non-emergency), 7am - 6pm 623-773-7279
Gas (Natural) Emergency - Southwest Gas 24 hours 1-877-860-6020
Graffiti Hotline 623-773-7094
Household Hazardous Waste 623-773-7431
Mayor and Council Offices 623-773-7306
Parks and Recreation 623-773-7137
Peoria Job Hotline 623-773-7100
Peoria Municipal Court 623-773-7400
Police (non-emergency) 623-773-8311
Solid Waste Information Line 623-773-7431


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