Suncrest Mobile Home Park

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Meet our Manager's Jean and Bob Heyer

Hi! We're Jean & Bob Heyer, we've been park managers at Suncrest since 1999. We'd like to welcome you to our Family Community! Many think that both of our parks are Senior Parks, due to the well-maintained appearance, but in fact, both parks are all-age parks. We take great pride in keeping the parks looking superior and welcome both families and seniors! (We have approximately 85% seniors in Suncrest I and 80% in Suncrest II).

Stop by our office during office hours and we'll be more than happy to show you through the complex and answer any questions you may have! Thank you!

Events and Notices for JULY 2019


There will be no July 4th Potluck Dinner. Many are on vacation and the 'snow-birds' have left for the summer months. Bingo is canceled July and August and will resume in September. The Penny Sale will continue throughout the summer, other than the month of August.


Fireworks of any kind, including sparklers, are NOT allowed in the parks! If you're looking for locations to watch fireworks, the Peoria Sports Complex on 16191 N. 83rd Ave. is close to the parks. For other locations, call the Peoria Community Center at 602-263-8856. Thank you!


Insurance is required on all mobiles in the park, per the Rental Agreement. With the upcoming Monsoon Season, check that the insurance on your home is up-to-date and in force! This is a good time to do an over-all check of your home, as the powerful wind and rains can create a lot of damage! Check the following:

(1) The roof, if it's in need of repairs i.e. shingles missing, etc.

(2) Eaves-drops, check they're free of debris enabling the rain water to drain properly.

(3) Awning and awning posts, check they're secure, as the wind can get under the awning and actually tear the awning and/or awning posts from the home, causing a great deal of damage not only to your home, but that of your neighbor.

(4) After a storm, be sure to check water has drained properly from your lot.

Above all, check under your home for any standing water. If there is, remove the skirting so it will dry. Once dried, have someone check to see if your home needs to be re-leveled. It's better to be 'safe than sorry'!


Southwest Gas is replacing and re-locating some of the gas meters in both parks the first week of July. Many lots have already been marked, as you may have noticed.


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