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Meet our Manager's Jean and Bob Heyer

Hi! We're Jean & Bob Heyer, we've been park managers at Suncrest since 1999. We'd like to welcome you to our Family Community! Many think that both of our parks are Senior Parks, due to the well-maintained appearance, but in fact, both parks are all-age parks. We take great pride in keeping the parks looking superior and welcome both families and seniors! (We have approximately 85% seniors in Suncrest I and 80% in Suncrest II).

Stop by our office during office hours and we'll be more than happy to show you through the complex and answer any questions you may have! Thank you!



Each year the park owners donate monies to purchase turkeys for the Thanksgiving Potluck Dinners. The reason for this is to ensure all tenants will have and enjoy a nice Thanksgiving Dinner!

The dinners for Suncrest I & Suncrest II will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2018 in the Clubhouse of each park. Suncrest I dinner will be at 5 P.M., the Suncrest II dinner will be at 4 P.M.

Please call for reservations The reason for reservations is to estimate the amount of food to cook. The H.O.A. in each park will cook the turkeys, make stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, provide cranberries and dinner rolls! Bring your place setting and one of your favorite holiday dishes to share! This is a great time for a 'get together' with other tenants, while enjoying a great meal! Hope to see you there!


The H.O.A. will announce the start up date for the 'Holiday Lighting Contest' for both parks at the Thanksgiving Dinner! The winning homes will be announced in the January Newsletter. During holiday time, you'll notice a lot of traffic throughout both parks, as we have 'regulars' it seems, each year that drive through the parks admiring the lights and decorations! We get many compliments on both parks and how beautiful they look! We very much appreciate and thank you all for your efforts!


BINGO is held every Thursday in the Suncrest I Clubhouse. Doors open at 6 P.M., BINGO starts at 7 P.M. The PENNY SALE this month, which held the first Saturday of each month, will be Saturday, November 3rd in the Suncrest II Clubhouse! Doors open at 5 P.M., PENNY SALE starts at 6 P.M. If you're looking for an evening of fun, invite family and friends to join you for both BINGO and the PENNY SALE! Both events are open to the public, everyone is welcome!


Peoria Old Town Festival is celebrating their '30th Anniversary' this year! The Festival will be held on Friday, November 30th from 5 (to) 10 P.M. the location is Peoria & Grand Avenue! This year they're going to have a Kids Zone, Arts & Crafts, High School Choral Contest, Santa & more! FREE ADMISSION AND PARKING!


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If you have a new phone number, please call our office to give us that new number. On various occasions we've had to contact tenants i.e., if there's a water main break and your water will be shut off for a period of time, or if there's an emergency of any kind,  we would be unable to contact you if we don't have an updated phone number!