Suncrest Mobile Home Park

Homes For Sale

Sales for homes are brisk.

The estimated time for homes to sell in our parks is between one day to three weeks!  Please call us at 623-878-2049 for the latest up-dates.  Thank You!  Jean Heyer, Manager

Please note that we are an owner-occupied manufactured home community, we do not RENT homes.

Empty Lots

(All measurements are box size! - $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve lot.)




S2-020 Single-wide (16' X 60') or Double-wide (20' x 56')
S2-030 Single-wide (16' X 68') > RESERVED <
S2-158 Single-wide (16' x 66') or (24' x 60') > RESERVED <


S1 refers to Suncrest Mobile Home Park I (One).

S2 refers to Suncrest Mobile Home Park II (Two).

The 3 digit number refers to the space number, so 003 would indicate Space 3.

For example, S2-044, would refer to a home for sale in Suncrest II, space 44.

If you are SELLING your home:

here are a few suggestions and rules about selling your Mobile Home:

Suncrest Management must be notified in writing that you are selling your home.

  • Each adult prospective tenant must apply and be approved by the Park for occupancy and sale.

  • Discuss your home sale with the park managers to find out what seller and buyer requirements are necessary to sell the mobile home in the park.

  • Only one "For Sale" sign may be posted in the window of the home. The sign should not be larger then 12" x 18".


Suncrest Mobile Home Park I & II does not guarantee the availability, suitability, or accuracy of the listing of any of the mobile homes shown on this website. The listings shown are for your convenience, and do not represent a contract or agreement between parties.
Suncrest Mobile Home Park I and Suncrest Mobile Home Park II are not affiliated with the companies or dealers or individuals selling their mobile homes. If you require more information, please call the telephone number given in the listing or the Manager's Office at (623) 878-2049.