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The information in the advertisement will appear like this below:

S2-000 2016 3/2 20' x 54' Clayton Homes $75,500 1580 sq.ft. FOR SALE BY OWNER!  Phone number to contact owner - 623-222-2222

Fill out the form below. You can use the "TAB" key to move to the next field. The asterisk (*) following the item means that entry field is required. When you click the "SUBMIT" button the information you enter will be emailed to Nick.

Enter Park and space number in the form of, i.e. S1-000 (always use CAPITAL "S").
Enter the year, i.e. 2016.
Enter the number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms. A 3 bedroom 2 bath would be entered like this: 3 / 2.
Enter the dimensions in feet of the home like this: 00' x 00'.
Brand of Home; i.e. Cavco.
Enter the selling price of the home. Just enter the number, no comma's or decimal place, i.e. 65000.
enter a number for the square footage: i.e. 1050 sq. ft.
Enter the name of the seller of the home. i.e. By Owner, Golden Sky Homes, etc.
Enter the seller's phone number. i.e (623) 123-4567
Enter all of the selling points and any additional information about the home.
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